Don't miss out on this opportunity to know everything about growth hacking

Growth Hacking


Make sure that the your product fits in the market


Experiment and find a trick that solves current problems


Implement your growth hack in order to grow really fast


We are happy to announce that the following speaker will be present at this symposium

Chris Out


Chris is partner of RockBoost and specialist in Growth Hacking

Stephan Botz


Stephan helps start-ups to validate their ideas and accelerate them in business growth.

Maarten van Kroonenburg

The Lean Doctor

Maarten is serial entrepreneur and founder of The Lean Doctor

Erik Driessen

Blue Mango

Erik is web analyst at Blue Mango.

Mystery Speaker

Daily Chairman

Wout van Wengerden

Kwetsbare Held

‘Transcend yourself!’
That is the life lesson that Wout taught himself.
You might know Wout, because he is multiple Dutch champion as pole vaulter. Currently, he is a young entrepreneur.

About Next Symposium

The 17th of March, the Growth hacking symposium will take place in the Esplanade Building at Tilburg University.
The doors will be opened at 13:30 and the event wil start at 14 o'clock. Several speakers will come to tell you more about this rather unknown subject.

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Tickets for NEXT symposium cost 5,50 euros,
but if you buy a markethingsweek ticket,
additional NEXT symposium tickets will only cost 2,50 euros!
Check out their website for more information!

Who we are

We are Asset|SBIT and Asset|Marketing. We are 2 congregated departments of study association Asset from Tilburg University. NEXTsymposium is founded to provide you with a yearly symposium that will be organised by 2 different departments.

NEXT symposium

The name "NEXT symposium" is derived from EXponential Thinking. Nowadays companies are growing extremely fast and therefore unique combination of several departments are needed in order to gain greater values.